About BBK

Ben Liddicoat

Ben Liddicoat

When Ben Liddicoat founded BBK Financial Planning in 2014, it was built on a simple yet strong belief, that a financial advice business should simply put its clients’ best interests first, without trying to sell them unnecessary financial products.

After more than 15 years as a financial services professional, Ben has developed expertise in all major areas of superannuation and retirement planning.  From humble beginnings in client services at a superannuation fund, to a Senior Financial Planner role at a major institution, and most recently as Responsible Officer setting up a Financial Services License (AFSL) for a  boutique accounting firm.

In 2014, it was time to build a business that offers expert, professional advice that was truly in the client’s best interests.

BBK Financial Planning has been established based on the following simple principles:


  • Good financial advice must give you, the client, greater knowledge and comfort when making decisions about your money – your adviser must work for you and your best interests
  • BBK clients will always be advised to find the simplest, safest and lowest cost ways of meeting their financial objectives.
  • Cost savings amplify returns, and we will seek these with a passion. BBK clients will enjoy the same benefits through commission free, and low fee products, that our own family’s use.
  • Simplicity beats complexity for most investors.
  • All fees will be disclosed upfront, for your approval before commencing any work. To remove the potential for any conflict in the advice we give you, BBK will never seek a percentage of your funds, or any sort of commission payable on any products or services we recommend. Your super, shares, managed investments and insurances will only be recommended if they suit your needs.