Who Can We Help

BBK helps anyone who is looking for honest, ethical and straightforward financial advice. Our service is based in Sydney, but our clients are from all parts of Australia. All you need to start is a goal or two.

BBK helps individuals, young families, retirees, business owners, government employees and many more, in establishing a simple to follow, goal oriented financial roadmap.

Some of the people that have found our advice valuable include:

  • Young families – For insurance, debt management and superannuation advice.
  • Property Investors – For tax structuring and return optimization.
  • Retirees or people trying retire – For portfolio, debt reduction, retirement income and superannuation advice.
  • People seeking simpler super – Whether it’s to consolidate or diversify.  Build up, or draw down. It could be an industry fund, defined benefit fund, retail fund, Self Managed Super Fund, or no super fund at all! Not everyone needs super! BBK has no preference, as long as your retirement savings are where they work best for you.
  • Business owners – For insurance, Self Managed super commercial property acquisitions.
  • Self Managed Super Funds – Simple or complex strategies, property investment, business owners.